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There are no roadmaps for chasing your dreams. It's hard to know what to keep, and what to abandon, where to pivot or where to persevere. Only someone who has been there can understand. Linda went from a preacher’s daughter wearing hand-me-downs to a savvy coach giving people a hand up in life and business, building a multimillion-dollar organization along the way. Learn from her pain and mistakes and move into your own God-made success.


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April 17-19, 2020 | Branson, MO
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Spiritual meets practical

“Linda’s teaching and tools bring the spiritual and the practical together like I’ve not seen before.”

Robert Jacobson

Don't Kill Your Dream

“You don’t have to abort your dream or stay stuck in the ho-hum.”

Diane Bickle, Founder Gladheart Realty

Following the dream

“The best moment for me was when Linda believed in me.”

Shannon Davidson, Founder of Atara Guitars

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