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Linda Fields

Robert Jacobson, Entrepreneur

Linda's teaching and tools are helping men and women become  Spiritual Professionals bringing the spiritual and the practical together like I've not seen before. Her impact affects families, businesses, and society on a transformational level.

You don't have to spend more money on something that won't satisfy,

abort your dream or stay stuck in the ho-hum.

Linda has a keen spiritual awareness of you, the individual, while she leads you with practical coaching to take you further than you will get on your own.

Diane Bickle, Founder Glad Heart Realty
Shannon Davidson Founder Atara Guitars

The best moment for me was when Linda believed in me.

“I attended Linda's Innovation Event in 2015 and the most encouraging moment for me was when during a one-on-one breakout session she heard my idea and believed with me that it was from God and I should pursue it.  After joining True Tribe, lots of prayer and hard work,  in 2016 I launched my dream company... Atara Guitars .”

I'm excited to be living life exhilarated with God and my family after decades of learning how to thrive in seasons of testing, adversity, and being overlooked.

I love a good cup of french roast coffee, laughing hard, praying things through with friends, writing, and watching a gorgeous sunset.... Oh and did I mention I can't cook?! So here's a picture of me and the handsome Rick Fields (aka hunka hunka burning love) at dinner, one of our favorite pass times.

I'm a happy woman  who is  confident in God's ability to redeem the past and help us into  a hopeful  future.

Engage with me and change the world.​

Love and Prayers,