The Conversation with God that Changes Everything at Work

The Conversation that Changes Everything at Work

An attorney sat at her desk with files stacked on the floor, messages to return, and a list of clients who needed a breakthrough. She had hoped that finishing law school and opening her practice would fulfill the aching desire in her heart for a fulfilling career and a way to make a real difference […]

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Three Simple Keys for Multiplying Talents

“Do business til I come.” – Luke 19:13 Imagine a wealthy person trusts you to invest their money. They travel and return later to see your progress. You are one of many chosen. Each of you is to give an account on a certain day. What will be your report? This is the parable of […]

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10 Keys to Less Stress, More Success

Stress, like change, is inevitable. Jesus told us that we would face all kinds of pressures in life. And He promised to be with us and bring us through every challenge. We’ve all heard that it’s important to stay focused. What we don’t hear much about is how to protect our focus and make consistent […]

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How to Say No

How to Say No (With Love and Kindness)

Ever say “yes,” and later think, “Oh no! What have I gotten myself into?” I understand. Learning how to say no is an important skill for success, happiness, and peace of mind. Audio MP3 Download You’ve probably heard the story about how I built a multimillion-dollar training center in Texas. What you don’t know about is […]

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Busy or Fruitful

Busy or Fruitful?

We live and work in a culture that glamorizes busy. We idolize workaholics as superhuman and glorify an approach to measuring success that often leads to burnout and broken lives. Yes, there are times when we need to burn the midnight oil, but it should not be the norm or pattern for how we live […]

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speak affirming words

Morning Mentor: Speak Affirming Words

God is helping you speak affirming words today. He puts just the right words of affirmation in your mouth and you will cause others to find a new level of hope. Speak wisely and watch your co-workers rise to the occasion. “Let your conversation be gracious and attractive  so that you will have the right response […]

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Morning Routine

7 Secrets for a Super Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine to start your day? Most of us wake up overwhelmed. We rush into daily life, finish exhausted and wonder where the time went or if we accomplished anything important. I understand. For a season, I found myself jumping out of bed, saying a quick prayer in the blur, rushing […]

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