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Find Your Why Forward

We're living in a time when many people's confidence is at an all time low. Structures and Institutions are being shaken. But you can be confident, overcome obstacles and live your dreams. Linda Fields shares insight and interactive applications for life, relationships, and work learned on her journey from personal tragedy to business success and inspirational leadership.

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Impact Your Sphere of Influence Bringing God's Presence to the Workplace

Tired of working for the weekend with nothing really significant happening Monday—Friday? Clicking off the days ‘til retirement? Wish your work really mattered? It does—right here and right now, in your current position and industry. You need to know your calling is both endorsed and applauded by God. When you key in to your potential to deliver IMPACT in your spheres of influence, then you’ll be liberated to thrive where God has divinely placed you.

Discover that you’re wired to run in your power alley, using your gifts, dialoging with God—your Chief Consultant—and bringing HIS presence into your world every day. Become part of a growing Marketplace Awakening as men and women alongside you embrace the call to do the things they were born to do, bringing Godly IMPACT.

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Reader Reviews:

Impact Your Sphere of Influence is a quick, easy read and cuts right to the core. If you are tired of the “lists” in typical business or Christianese self-help books – this book is like a Sunday afternoon conversation with someone who speaks right to your soul and launches you back into Monday with validation of your unique gifts, calling, and placement. The message is unique and essential to this time because it ties the “divine design” (God created you this way) with the “seven mountain / sphere” message.

Two AMAZING books! Linda Fields, former professor and later my boss, from Center for Business/Industry Training at Brazosport College in Texas is totally inspirational! I am so happy for her and want to share “Your Why Forward” book with everyone. She also has a new book out called “IMPACT Your Sphere of Influence.” This book is absolutely life changing and wonderful!

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