An attorney sat at her desk with files stacked on the floor, messages to return, and a list of clients who needed a breakthrough. She had hoped that finishing law school and opening her practice would fulfill the aching desire in her heart for a fulfilling career and a way to make a real difference in the world.

The initial excitement had worn off; law school and opening a practice was no longer a shiny ambition to work towards. It was done. Now she had to face the haunting question that would not go away:

“Is this all there is?”

When Yvette became desperate enough to search for and find the answer to this question, she experienced a mind shift that changed everything.

She entered an ongoing conversation with God and others about the importance of her work, the needs of her clients, and how to see work through God’s eyes as divine appointments.  The mindshift helped Yvette connect with God through the day finding a whole new dimension to her work.

Yvette discovered the joy of working as a Spiritual Professional.

She broke through to a new place seeing her practice as holy. She found her way as she began to pray about her clients and ask God for His wisdom and strategies for how to manage their cases. A new excitement came into her heart as she found the joy of inviting God into her work day throughout the day with on-going prayer.

The professional who seeks God, prays, and works with God – combining spiritual wisdom with practical strategies – is the Spiritual Professional.

Do you too secretly wonder if there’s more to work than long days with little reward, drudgery instead of enjoyable success, days turning into months and years void of a higher purpose and accomplishment?

To be sure, God hears the quick prayer offered up in the drive through line for morning coffee; problem is we leave Him out of the rest of our day.

When we hack it out day after day without experiencing the joy and great benefit of working with God, it’s easy to get burned out and become disillusioned about our work and life.

Here are helpful ways you can pray about work that help to navigate the shift from seeing work as the daily grind to embracing work with God as a holy invitation to become a Spiritual Professional.

You can learn from this story and re-write your own story as a Spiritual Professional.

3 Points to discuss with God about your work

(1) Ask God the big questions:

God, why am I in this work assignment?

What can I learn? How can I help?

What are you doing in my co-workers?

How do you want to work through me with my clients and customers?

(2)  Thank God that you are on divine assignment. Ask for practical ways to make a difference.

Lord, thank you for my assignment.

Thank You for working through me today.

Help me view meetings as ways to move productivity forward.

Give me insights on practical solutions to problems.

Lord help me wisely shift negative conversations to a better place.

Lord help me become the go-to person with hopeful answers.

(3) Pray blessings over your work and the people in your work.

Lord help me observe what You are doing at work,

Bless my  leaders.

Bring profits, processes, and productivity.

Break through where there are roadblocks.

Watch for people who need God in a special way and pray for them. Most of these prayers will be on your own time, notes in your journal, and prayers breathed as you walk through the hallways in the course of doing your work. Others will be divine face to face times of prayer and you’ll learn to tell the difference.

Track your Observations:

Document how you see God working. When you see answers to your prayers, write them in your prayer journal. As you pray and see answers, your confidence is built when you note answers or forward progress… even the small steps. As you increase your capacity to pray as you work, you will increase in discernment and faith.

The way of the Spiritual Professional is more than a morning prayer or making a list, it’s a way of work and life.

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