Power of a Dream

Why are your God-birthed dreams required to empower your success?

Because you will need a clear dream you can hold onto when the violent winds of change, chaos and challenge threaten to take you out. The journey will include adventure, joy, hard work and many trials. You will be tempted to give up. Only the dream worth dying for is a dream worth living for, and this is the power of a dream from God for your life and business.

Today’s societal challenges and problems call for the man or woman with a modern-day Joseph anointing to step in with divine solutions. We see this illustration in Joseph's life, even after he was rejected for sharing his dream with the ones he should have been able to trust–his own brothers. But in the pit, in the prison, Joseph had a heart connect to the Father. God gave these dreams to one who would refuse to give up.

The power of owning your dreams as Joseph did will help you to:

-Remember who you are in the face of adversity, and find strength to keep going in a way that thrills your heart–
despite the attack from the enemy.
-Stay on God’s agenda for your life and business, and escape crippling derailment that threatens to take you away from your purposes.
-Find the tenacity, the forgiveness, the skills and understanding God has refined in your life.

These are the things that God will use to put you in position to fulfill your dream God’s way in God’s time.

We can learn from Joseph’s example how to lead well under pressure and bring results that bless others.
Together, with others on the Joseph journey in the marketplace, we will delve into revelation and practical teaching to equip modern-day Josephs, male and female, at IMPACT19.

We invite you to see what’s in store from seasoned business professionals who will share their stories of IMPACT for the purpose of equipping you to seize your dream, set yourself on a clear path, and lead like Joseph led.

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