Are you ready for a transformational reset in 2019?

A Weekend Experience – January 11-13, 2019
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Scarred for life in a fire as a teenager and facing the daunting task of relearning how to walk, Linda Fields had a choice—emerge from tragedy and small town obscurity, or let those challenges define her. Through perseverance and practice, Linda wrote a different story. She now leads leaders in boardrooms, classrooms, and prayer rooms around the country. Her passion is to bring men and women to their unique places of IMPACT in the world, despite any personal or professional challenges they may face. Linda and her husband Rick Fields have successfully raised two daughters, built a strong marriage, and are throwing themselves all in to help others tap into a better way of living. Linda believes there is no problem too large for a visionary solution when leaders access a higher wisdom that is available to those who will seek it out. She's seen it happen and it can happen for you.



Be empowered to achieve the things that really matter. We will provide dedicated time at RESET Moving Forward weekend with Linda and her coaches to upgrade your vision. Don't get caught wasting precious time on irrelevant (even good) things that distract you from your goals. Your Vision 2019 will provide a grid to help you know when to say “yes,” when to say “no,” and when to say “maybe later” without offending others.


Receive coaching in a safe environment to zap limiting (even toxic) beliefs that are holding you back, and own empowering beliefs to propel you forward. With your newly aligned set of beliefs in hand you will be empowered to voice your vision with the levels of authority and confidence it takes to overcome setbacks, doubts or fears. When trials happen, you will have the tools to keep a positive momentum as you achieve your goals and vision.


Increase your influence by intentionally building key relationships. Learn how vital interactions with other people can speed progress for all. Our team will help you take a fresh look at your people strengths as well as tweak those blind spots we all have to achieve more effective communication.


You will have the opportunity to develop your own action plan to enhance your leadership, build stronger teams, and inspire others to action. Your leadership style sets you apart from the crowd so that others can join you in accomplishing great feats. Embrace the surprising qualities of humility, generosity, and care for others to become the leader others look to follow.


Learn how to focus your conversations with greater clarity to become a voice, and not an echo. Finding your voice provides new levels of authority and confidence to get your message across with different audiences to bring a desired IMPACT. Learn the sabotage factors that often derail leaders and arm yourself with authentic passion of your own true voice. Group practice and feedback will encourage you to exercise your voice with genuine passion.


Create a one page life plan using the Prayer Plan Your Life productivity system. You will be given a complimentary Prayer Plan Your Life TM Journal when you arrive and receive coaching to record your plans made during the workshop in your own journal for use throughout the year to stay on track. No more business as usual as you now have the tools and coaching you need to succeed throughout the year.

Get it done today,

make it matter tomorrow!

“I now have clarity…I feel empowered to go forward.”


“The event was transformational on every level.  Thank you!”


“I feel like so many things that were only a dream are now becoming a reality.  I am very thankful for this experience with Linda Fields”


“It was totally not what I expected, but soooo much more!”


“I love the emphasis on walking, moving forward with God even though we don’t have all the answers yet – instead of being stuck. I now have the tools I lacked before.”


At RESET 2019 you'll get…

An action plan

During this workshop, we will show you how to create an action plan to leverage your strengths with people while shoring up any relational gaps through practical strategies that position you to build solid relationships.

A clear vision

Count on dedicated time to work on drafting a clear vision for 2019.  

Connection with People

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with people who can provide support in the reset journey and help accelerate your progress.

Ongoing support

Participants will receive 30 Days of on-line TrueTribe Inner Circle Coaching following the RESET weekend.

Strategies for ongoing success

We’ll help you identify what you’ve already accomplished, so you can clearly celebrate wins and move on to the next stepping stones of success for your life and work.

Personal coaching

Gain insight into limiting beliefs that may be holding you back through personal coaching in a safe environment.

Plan Your Prayer Life Journal

You Will be Given a Free Prayer Plan Your Life Productivity journal.

Here's what to expect

We will kick off the RESET weekend together Friday, January 11th at 10 a.m.
Day sessions will be packed with business and leadership training and tools, while evening sessions will offer spiritual equipping to inspire you to greater wisdom.
Our focused and engaging weekend will wrap up Sunday January 13th at 1 p.m.
When you return home you will be energized, tooled up, and transformed to move forward.

Location: IHOPU 12905 S U.S. 71 Hwy, Grandview, MO 64030

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